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Accountor HR4 - Briefly in English

We are now Accountor.

On January 1st we merged our economic, payroll, and HR services companies as one business entity. Our well known Accountor HR4 company name will fade away to the history. 

Accountor HR4 is a pioneer in its sector

One summer day in the mid-2000s, an idea long in the making became a reality. Four HR professionals sitting by a kitchen table agreed to put their idea into action, and HR4 was born.

Improved customer and employee experience is in the core of our business. Only an engaged, continuously developing and innovating personnel is able to generate transcendent customer experience.

We research, renew and operate within our customer organisations to improve the customer experience of our customers’ customer and to support our customers’ growth. For over ten years we have provided our customers with insight and resources in customer and employee engagement research, HR and payroll outsourcing and consulting as well as management consulting in HR and leadership.

During that time, we have grown from a four-person startup to an over 100 top professional organisation and industry influencer in Finland.

We can help you, when you need

  • HR or payroll consulting, resources or outsourcing
  • Recruitment services
  • Local legal advise on HR or payroll
  • Management consulting or training in HR and leadership, in acquisitions or entering the market
  • Leadership development services
  • Organisational development services
  • Research or improvement in employee, customer or stakeholder engagement and relationships

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling the following form.