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Accountor ICT

Accountor ICT - ICT expertise close to you

Accountor ICT is a Finnish, long-line IT company. Accountor ICT operates a number of data centers in the metropolitan area and abroad. We provide comprehensive business ICT platforms, software and support services to meet customer needs. Accountor ICT is part of the Accountor Group, which operates in seven countries, providing financial, payroll, personnel and law services and related applications.

As production platforms we use well-known suppliers with whom we have been working together for many years, such as HP. Accountor ICT is the first company to receive the HP DataCenter Specialist certification. Our staff is strongly certified and competent.

Our monitoring and management services cover both our own computer hosts and the technical facilities on our customers’ premises, from servers to network devices. With regard to control services, we focus especially on customer-oriented usability measurement and improvement.

ServiceDesk and our local support service are already serving almost five thousand satisfied end-users. The main rule of service is remote support and management, but also the local support is arranged in a land-based manner.