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Accountor ambassador

Accountor employee ambassador – Juulia Himanen

Juulia Himanen is a 29 year-old Service Manager in Customer Experience and Service department in Accountor Finago. She started to work at Accountor almost seven years ago. On her free time, she loves to go hiking in the beautiful nature of Finland.  

What does your role as Service Manager entail? 

My job as a Service Manager is to lead my team and develop processes. My most important task is to be there for my team when they need me. I help and coach my team members to solve problems while they are doing their daily tasks. I also take care of everything else they might come up with so that they can fully focus on their work.  

My other main task is to develop our processes. I rethink and analyze what we are doing in order to identify better ways of working. As we are a growing company, we want automatize and straightforward our processes so we can be more productive and efficient with our resources.  

For example, at the moment we have robotic project going on. Our robot, Felix, is starting to handle some of our routine tasks so my team can focus on other areas where specialists are needed. I work closely with many of our other teams and units such as other Customer Experience and Service teams, Sales, and Financial Controlling. 

What has your career path been like at Accountor? 

I started to work in Accountor Outsourcing as a trainee almost seven years ago. As a trainee, my first task was to take part in a project where we were moving customers from one accounting software to another. In Accountor Outsourcing I eventually ended up doing accounting and system support.  

After four years in Outsourcing I moved to Accountor Finago. In Finago I first worked as a consultant and after a while was promoted to my current position. It has been a great journey and I am eager to see what I will face in the future.  

Why do you like working at Accountor? 

I love my work and my team. We are always ready to help each other and we work together for a common goal. I am able to share my own special knowledge and vice versa. Every day is different and every day there is a new challenge and something new to learn.  

Accountor is also great place to work since it has many different units. There is a possibility to move forward inside the same group if you are looking for new kind of challenges. 

What does “We make a+ team” mean to you? 

For me “We make a+ team” means our working community. We have the best people and very good, supportive atmosphere. At Accountor employees’ wellbeing is also very important. If there is something we can do to balance working and personal life, we do it. For example working remotely is very common and acceptable. 

“We make a+ team” also means that we are not too satisfied to our current role as a market leader. We want to be even better than we are now and get better results. The a+ team means that we are proud of where we work at and the things we are doing. In addition, the a+ team keeps in our minds why we are doing this – for our customers.