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Enterprise and ICT solutions

Enterprise and ICT

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Customer relationship management

The multichannel customer relationship management enables flexible service. CRM solutions keeps your customer data in order and gives you an opportunity to serve them better.
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Business solutions

Continuously developing business platform and modern technology leads you to the right direction when you are choosing solutions for your company. When it comes to sales, marketing and financial management software, you can count on us!
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Business Intelligence and Power BI

Lead your business with the critical data that you get from the scalable and user-friendly Power BI-tool.
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Cloud 2.0 multi cloud service

Accountor ICT is a innovative developer, integrator and maintainer of cloud services. The Multi-Cloud Solutions, Microsoft Azure, capasity services, data security solutions and the user service desk are our core expertise.
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Digital work environment

The modern way is to deliver the ready-to-use devices for the users. No more device modification, software installation or configuration by IT deparment. Press the on button and start working!
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Development and Expertise

We have the resources and expertise to manage a complex and constantly evolving IT environment. With our unique experience and expertise, we are able to provide both infrastructure and business consulting.