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Financial Flow - Digitalize and automate your financial processes

It is sometimes hard to choose a working combination when automating your financial workflows. Comparing features and integrating the solutions may be a time-consuming task.

Financial Flow is a service that integrates digital financial management services with your accounting software on your behalf. You will be supported by customer service and a Success Manager who understands your business and help you grow your business.

Financial Flow is built around the accounting software you already use. We will create the best combination of digital services that support your business growth plans.


What is Financial Flow?

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Digitalize your financial routines and grow your business

Create new earning opportunities with comprehensive solution offering

Utilize your current accounting software investment
Financial flow time


Reduce time spent in manual practices, increase the share of automated processes

Save time in finding and inputting data

Integrate digital tools easily

Enjoy sales and operations support
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Quality improving

Get numbers right in accounting without hassle

Avoid fixing mistakes caused by input errors or lack of know-how

Create new opportunities for data-driven leadership and new service development

Financial productivity in one package

Financial flow packages
Sales invoicing
  • Portal for sending sales invoices
  • Free sending for
  • Integrated with your accounting system
  • Line-level invoice data
Purchase invoicing
  • Invoices directly to the accounts receivable
  • Approvals
  • Invoice archive
  • Contact management
  • Reporting
  • Product register
Travel and cost invoices, receipts
  • Mobile and browser-based invoicing for expenses
  • Digitalized paper receipts
  • eReceipt receival
  • Document archive
Factoring and payment control
  • Factored sales invoices with a click
  • Integration with the factoring partner
  • Automated processing
  • Reporting
  • Collections
+ Other offerings from the Financial Flow ecosystem