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Financial Flow for Accounting offices

Digitalize your customers’ financial data flow

Financial Flow is a platform that offers a wide range of applications to support your customers. In addition to electronic purchase, sales, and expense invoices, you increase your industry-specific offering and provide you with analyzed information to support your and your customers’ decision-making.

With the Financial Flow platform, you get a comprehensive financial tool package integrated with the accounting software you and your accountant use. You are supported by Financial Flow’s customer service and success manager, looking for the best solutions for your situation according to a roadmap designed together.

Contact us when you want to increase the value of your client accounts and ease the workload of your accountants.


Financial Flow integrates the end-user and accountant tools

Financial flow integrations

What are your benefits?

  1. Take benefit of our comprehensive solution ecosystem
  2. Easily integrate with your existing accounting software
  3. Reduce accountant manual task load
  4. A system that scales with your business

Financial Flow example: The value of time savings for the accounting firm

The sample accounting firm has 5 accountants and 80 clients. The cost of one working hour for an accounting firm is € 40, and the processing time for one document is 2.5 minutes.

The accounting firm offers Financial Flow service packages, the use of which is distributed among the customer base as follows:

  • 50% Basic
  • 30% Pro
  • 20% Premium

The average number of customer accounting documents is:

  • 50 travel and expense invoices / customer / month
  • 50 sales invoices / customer / month
  • 50 receipts / customer / month

The savings of the accounting firm in the example are 3,800 euros per month.

Financial flow savings diagram
Financial flow comparison

Deploy Financial Flow to your customers with our support

Financial flow service start

Success Manager supports your growth

Kirjanpito raportointi

Develop your business

Plan a business growth roadmap with objectives and key results

Help identify business opportunities

Gain insight and resources for accounting office business development

Introduce new methods and advances expert skills
Financial flow suunta

Roadmap your tech

Develop new technical solutions to recognized problems

Connect with the ecosystem players

Ramp-up new technologies and solutions

Communicate development and integration plans to ecosystem players
Kirjanpito palvelu Accountor Online

Nurture your key accounts

Learn industry best practices and available solutions

Improve customer-driven account nurturing

Find solutions for clients’ service needs

Enjoy direct customer support in priority cases