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Financial Flow for Businesses

Your financial tools in one package

Financial Flow is a platform that offers a wide range of applications to support you. In addition to electronic purchase, sales, and expense invoices, you increase your industry-specific offering and provide you with analyzed information to support decision-making.

With the Financial Flow platform, you get a comprehensive financial tool package integrated with the accounting software you and your accountant use. You are supported by Financial Flow’s customer service and work with your familiar accountant.

Financial flow packages
Sales invoicing
  • Portal for sending sales invoices
  • Free sending for
  • Integrated with your accounting system
  • Line-level invoice data
Purchase invoicing
  • Invoices directly to the accounts receivable
  • Approvals
  • Invoice archive
  • Contact management
  • Reporting
  • Product register
Travel and cost invoices, receipts
  • Mobile and browser-based invoicing for expenses
  • Digitalized paper receipts
  • eReceipt receival
  • Document archive
Factoring and payment control
  • Factored sales invoices with a click
  • Integration with the factoring partner
  • Automated processing
  • Reporting
  • Collections
+ Other offerings from the Financial Flow ecosystem

How can you start using Financial Flow with your accounting office?

Financial flow service start

Enjoy the Financial Flow experience

Financial flow

No projects required

Just select the tools your need

Cloud-based services require no installation projects

No investments, simple monthly payment included in your accounting agreement
Financial flow tuki

Work with your accountant

No need to include more players in your financial process

No integration needs to your accountant’s system

Get support through your familiar accountant
Financial flow digitalization

Enjoy the digitalization

Save time and money

Enjoy accounting services and digital tools that grow with your business

Always up-to-date and secure software
Tools, processes, and accounting expertise in one package