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Intelligent automation

Accounting is no longer a matter of handling numbers nor HR management shuffling papers, as digitalization takes papers away and the numbers are put in order with the aid of artificial intelligence. However, we at Accountor talk about Intelligent Automation instead of artificial intelligence.

Intelligent automation appears in our work in many ways. We, for example, develop and use several desktop robots, build artificial intelligence into our software, and develop our software to meet IA requirements.

Automation does not remove the meaning of human labor but changes its content. It is no longer just a matter of monitoring the situation in real time, but also of anticipating the future.


Cooperation with Aalto University

Accountor cooperates with Aalto University in many ways.

As a forerunner we have participated in the real-time economy study. Real-time economy is not a specific type of economy, but a term that refers to an information-based infrastructure where data on economic transactions are transferred between the parties in real time. It includes, for example, e-invoicing, e-receipt, and real-time economic forecasting.

When the covid-19 pandemic caused an economic crisis, we began to delve into the economic data in our systems. We perform continuous data analysis to understand and and forecast changes in Finland's economic figures.