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Opinahjo Oy, which is part of Accountor Group, and Eduhouse Oy merge into an international online learning provider

Online learning companies Opinahjo Oy and Eduhouse Oy merge in May 2019. With the merger, the new company offers wider online learning services internationally. The company is part of Accountor Group and continues its operation as Opinahjo-Eduhouse Oy under the brand of Eduhouse.

After the merger, their customers can benefit of an easy-to-use and scalable online learning service, which uses the most advanced technologies and methods for competence development.

“Opinahjo and Eduhouse are the market leaders in Finland, especially for their offering of online learning for financial administration. With this merger, our corporate customers will receive industry-independent online learning content from one service on both domestic and international markets. Together we can further develop content and service, which fits our customers’ competence development needs,” says Accountor’s CEO Niklas Sonkin.

Online learning fits quick information update needs

The customers of the merged company can use a wider offering of online learning, which serve the competence development needs of today and future. The company follows actively the development of the regulatory and operational environment on behalf of the customers and tells them, which topics next to be educated on.

The online learning the service offers for professionals is suitable to be watched among busy working schedule. It helps professionals, who need quickly the updated information in their work.

The company launches later this year an online learning service, which enables a novel learning experience by using modern online learning technologies.

Entering international markets with good experiences

Due to the merger, the company invests rapidly into internationalisation. Accountor Group’s operations in seven countries support this initiative well.

Opinahjo operates already in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The merged company can thus use a tested and proven internationalisation strategy.


More information

CEO Johannes Jokelin, Opinahjo Oy, 050 591 3530,

CEO Jukka Vento, Eduhouse Oy, 0500 845 315,