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Asiantuntijamedia appreciates the carefree service that Accountor Go provides

Accountor and Asiantuntijamedia started their cooperation several years ago when Samuel Latvanen, founder of Asiantuntijamedia, got tired of taking care of his businesses accounting himself. The ease of use of the accounting software and the expertise of the service provider were the main criteria for Latvanen when choosing an accounting partner. Accountors services were already familiar to Latvanen, so Accountor Go was an easy choice in the end. The start-up was smooth and learning the new accounting software was easy thanks to the user training provided by Accountor.

Asiantuntijamedia Samuel Latvanen

”Asiantuntijamedia provides a services to companies to raise the issue of expertise with turnkey principle. That is why we wanted an accounting partner that provides financial management services with the same ideology.”

”I needed a sense of carefreeness with my accounting and really appreciated my previous experiences with Accountor. I was able to trust my company's financials with them knowing that everything was done by the book and on time.” Latvanen adds that reliable operations also include easy communication in accounting matters. In his experience you can easily get help from Accountor. Even non-urgent written enquiries are usually answered in less than 24 hours.

”The best feature of the Accountor Go software is the user interface, which makes accounting clearer and provides relevant reports from a business point of view.”

Accountor Go service includes Procountor Solo software. The software is easy-to-use, and it also includes all necessary basic accounting functions. According to Asiantuntijamedia, the service is clear and it helps to monitor the real-time financial situation of the company better than before. Therefore predicting the business is easier. Procountor Solo generates reports automatically and that’s why workload is significantly reduced. “Sometimes you even get reports, which you didn't even know you needed.”

Asiantuntijamedia praises in particular great technology when adding receipts and other documents into the system. Latvanen says that because of this kind of a functionality, receipts are more actively a part of an accounting and a ”boring” part of the process is more meaningful.

”Everyday life of Asiantuntijamedia has become much easier with the help of the Accountor Go. Because of the Accountor service portfolio, we have more time to focus on other parts of the business.”

Asiantuntijamedia recommends Accountor Go for all companies wishing to save time and reduce the stress that accounting might bring. We have been happy with outsourcing our accounting especially for Accountor. We also believe that when our business grows, we will have help with new needs under the same roof.

Asiantuntijamedia Samuel Latvanen ja Pirkko Hautamäki

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