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BLC was looking for a group-wide CRM solution with a skilled supplier to support its business

BLC Taito and Turva are part of the BLC Group. Besides belonging to the same Group, they also had more in common: the need for a new CRM system. Their choice was Microsoft Dynamics 365 on account of its versatility and cloud-based operating principle. One of the features that BLC adopted from the MS Dynamics 365 palette besides mere account management was Field Service, which is intended for managing field work. BLC aims to adopt more features from MS Dynamics 365 in the future, according to where it is needed.

The need for a state-of-the-art, group-wide CRM system set the winds of change in motion

BLC Taito needed a new CRM system as it wanted to harmonise its two existing CRM systems and update and modernise them into a single cloud-based solution.

"It was no longer feasible to develop our existing CRM systems, which did not meet current needs, either. We therefore decided to purchase an entirely new CRM solution", says Sales Manager Jukka Holm from BLC Taito".
BLC Turva, in turn, didn't have a real CRM system at all. They began to look into different alternatives in order to find a CRM solution that could be utilised throughout the Group.
"We wanted to have a common CRM solution that would allow cross-selling", says Production Manager Mikko Torniainen from BLC Turva".

"In fact, sometimes a salesperson employed in a BLC Group company might bump into another BLC salesperson in the customer's parking area. Our customers also expect us to know them better, so it is important that we have a common system that serves all companies", says Jukka Holm.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service fulfilled all of BLC Turva's requirements for maintenance work control

BLC Turva carries out thousands of jobs a year, and an effective system was needed in order to coordinate them.
"We used to do this with the maintenance follow-up module available in the ERP. However, it no longer fulfilled the needs of today's business. Our service and maintenance operations have grown the most and we therefore needed new software for managing maintenance work".

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 business platform can be used for both account management and maintenance work management, so it was a natural choice for a solution package.

"It transpired that Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a Field Service module for maintenance work follow-up, and we wanted to learn more about it. It fulfilled all of our requirements, so the choice was easy", says Mikko Torniainen from BLC Turva.

”Everything seemed to be in place in Dynamics 365”, says Jukka Holm.

Accountor Enterprise selected as the partner on account of its broad experience

"We wanted to have a single partner capable of taking care of the whole system delivery. However, the project was quite demanding, as it involved different companies and varying needs. All in all we were talking about a very large project. We felt that Accountor Enterprise had experts that could meet all of our needs, which made the choice easy", says Jukka Holm.

Another aspect that spoke in favour of Accountor was the freshness of the Field Service module.

"Other suppliers had hardly any experience of using Field Service. Accountor Enterprise already had some references for its use, which contributed to our choice", says Mikko Torniainen.

Cost-savings and easier daily routines – BLC Turva

The software project renewed our operating policies and made the daily routines at BLC Turva more efficient.

"For us, Field Service has translated into major cost-savings, especially in large units that have dozens of employees and a broad geographical area that must be controlled", says Mikko Torniainen from BLC Turva.

Thanks to Field Service, BLC Turva can now direct jobs regionally and efficiently, ensuring that there is always the right person in the right place. Jobs can also be immediately invoiced.

"Job completion can be confirmed at once, which speeds up the invoicing cycle. This is important for our financial department in view of cash management. It also facilitates the work of employees in the field, because they can immediately confirm job completion without having to do this in the office at the end of the day", says Torniainen.

The software project has also made reporting easier at BLC Turva.

"We can now report on jobs more comprehensively, covering topics such as the number of jobs, customers and locations, the time spent at a location, the types of products used and the employee who visited the location most recently. With this data, we can also serve customers better, as we know exactly what has been done most recently at the locations", says Torniainen.

Business benefits in sales, customer service and customer experience – BLC Taito

BLC Taito has been able to improve its sales result with the introduction of the new CRM.

"Previously, we mainly used the CRM for recording outcomes, but now it better directs our sales efforts. Things get forgotten less frequently now, which has made the sales work more rational and efficient and helps us achieve better sales", says Jukka Holm.

In addition, the predictability of sales has improved now that all of our customers are covered by the new CRM system. According to Holm, BLC Taito has already been able to make the first accurate forecasts, on the basis of which it can also plan production resources.

BLC Taito wanted to take the needs of its current customers into consideration in account management. In addition, it has started to measure the customer experience.

"We have drawn up an account management model that helps us keep to what we have agreed with our customers without having to rely on what has been memorised only. We have started to measure the customer experience by conducting customer satisfaction surveys following customer meetings, for instance. We also conduct surveys before customer meetings to better prepare for them and focus on the right things. This saves both our time and our customers' time", says Holm.

BLC expanding the Dynamics 365 puzzle in the future

BLC already has plans to develop the software further in the future. It intends to adopt more MS Dynamics 365 modules by adding the following features, as a minimum: Power BI, Linkedin extension and PSA, i.e. Project Service Automation.

”MS Dynamics 365 is like a jigsaw puzzle that can be expanded one piece at a time. When you take one piece, you want them all", says Mikko Torniainen, with a laugh.


Sources of further information

For Accountor Enterprise Solutions: Juha Järvinen, Sales Manager

For BLC Turva Oy: Mikko Torniainen, Product Manager