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TactoTek asiakastarina

An electronics revolution is sparking up in Oulunsalo

TactoTek is revolutionising the manufacture of electronics with an ingenious method that is already being licensed all over the world. This Finnish success story is supported by Accountor FullScale: a scalable, all-encompassing business solution.

TactoTek’s revolutionary method makes it possible to integrate printed electronics and different components inside an injection-moulded three-dimensional plastic structure – a solution that replaces the conventional circuit board entirely.

“We don’t need circuit boards at all. The components become significantly smaller and lighter. We are able to add intelligence, touch user interfaces and simple and elegant design to various surfaces,” describes TactoTek’s Executive Vice President (Finance & Administration) Katriina Otsamo.

Otsamo says that the manual assembly of electronics can also become a thing of the past. There will be no need to take manufacture to countries with cheap labour, as it can be licensed to customers’ own production facilities across the globe. Factories using TactoTek’s technology can operate competitively in Finland and China alike. There is little need for investments, as the required machinery already exists. The world is full of production capacity that can utilise this Finnish innovation through licensing.

Immaterial rights as a product

At the core of TactoTek’s scalable business model are a heavy patent portfolio and the opportunity to license the technology to numerous industries worldwide. The most intense start has been in the automotive industry. “We don’t have to manufacture the product, as our customers do it themselves,” Otsamo says.

Established in 2011, funded well and managed with a strong vision, the company has set the bar high for itself. “We began as a start-up company, and now we’re on a path of rapid growth. Our goal is to create a global success story and reach a turnover of hundreds of millions of euros,” states TactoTek’s Director of Marketing Heini Tuorila.

A full-scale business solution

The company’s goals set strict requirements for its processes and the systems supporting them. TactoTek found a co-operation partner in Accountor, whose FullScale solution model lives with the company’s business activities and growth.

“In commissioning projects, we value phasing, agility and scalability. With Accountor FullScale, we are aiming at a solution package that enables us to receive real-time information about the company’s status, which in turn will enable us to make the right choices at the right time,” emphasises TactoTek’s Sourcing Manager Tiina Ratia.

Responsive and uninterrupted service

TactoTek’s service and system package includes outsourced financial and salary administration, personnel administration, manufacture, material and project management, sales, and reporting that supports decision-making. The software solutions include NetSuite and Mepco HRM, among others. The NetSuite cloud service is also used to manage the finances of the company’s US-based subsidiary.

“Global, dynamic business activities require a platform based on an agile service model that is extensively present in the customer’s everyday operations. The solution develops constantly and is never really finished. TactoTek’s fantastic story inspires us to find the best solutions to help them take over the world,” says Accountor FullScale Evangelist and Architect Juha Kuivainen.

“We value Accountor’s ability to listen and their commitment. We believe in long-standing, confidential and comprehensive co-operation on an international path of growth,” Tiina Ratia summarises.

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More information

Katriina Otsamo, Executive Vice President (Finance & Administration), tel. +358 (0)44 551 3005, katriina.otsamo[at]
Heini Tuorila, Director of Marketing, tel. +358 (0)40 709 6512, heini.tuorila[at]
Tiina Ratia, Sourcing Manager, tel. +358 (0)50 38 69 328, tiina.ratia[at]