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Enevo, Finland´s coolest globally growing company, relies on NetSuite and Mepco to boost its success

‘The ultimate waste company’, a Gartner Cool Vendor, provider of the best IoT service and the winner of Finland’s Strategic Management Society’s annual prize for the year’s best act of strategic management. These are just some of the accolades that Enevo, a pioneering supplier of digital waste solutions, has earned - and for good reason.

To quote from the praise heaped on the company by the Strategic Management Society in autumn 2016, ‘Enevo serves as an excellent example of a company that has succeeded despite the prevailing economic conditions in Finland. Its success demonstrates that you can make the big time by producing well-functioning, clear solutions to problems that concern everyone.’ Achieving this is no mean feat.

Why NetSuite was the obvious choice

After comparing the options available, Enevo soon deemed NetSuite the most suitable solution for the company, as it met the key criteria they had set: it enables cloud-based and scalable operations.

‘The system being truly and fully browser-based was a deal-maker for us as we wanted a program that we can use anywhere and on any device. We were also looking for a system that can be scaled to international management operations,’ explains Enevo’s Mika Uusitalo.

‘These requirements set the boundaries for our choice, and we realised that NetSuite was the only feasible option. We also recognised that we wouldn’t have to acquire a separate Salesforce solution as we had originally planned,’ Uusitalo adds.

Implementing NetSuite a step at a time

Initially, Enevo applied NetSuite as a bookkeeping tool, quickly transferring all the related documentation to the new platform. Since then, the company has begun to use other functions in NetSuite’s extensive feature set.

‘Originally, we wanted a bookkeeping tool, since we had subsidiaries abroad and dealing with the paperwork in Excel format each month just got too complicated and time-consuming. Our old procedures just didn’t work as the company grew. We needed proper bookkeeping software,’ explains Uusitalo.

‘Now we have also implemented NetSuite’s customer- and agreement-management functionality along with management tools for sales, networked delivery chains, and warehouse operations,’ he continues.

NetSuite, making it all possible

‘We are privileged to be involved in the building of a global, cutting-edge IoT business management system on the NetSuite platform. The fusion of product-, service-, and subscription-based processes is particularly interesting because conventional ERP solutions do not lend themselves to it,’ explains Mepco’s Juha Kuivainen.

‘NetSuite has met all our needs. However, since we are adapting the system to our specific circumstances, we have faced some challenges. Everything is possible with NetSuite but isn’t always that easy to achieve, so we have resorted to a consultant’s services,’ explains Uusitalo.

Some of the procedures have already been tweaked for scaling the system to changes in operations. Thanks to its agility, NetSuite has come into its own under such dynamic circumstances.

‘In business, iterative processes go hand in hand with agile procedures. Communications involve continuous collaboration and design of forward-looking functionality. But with the collaboration going as smoothly as this, the work is child’s play,’ explains Riku Venno from Mepco.

Continuous development

NetSuite has plenty in common with Web sites: the system is no sooner up and running than the need to develop it further arises as a result of changes in activities. Enevo already has its next step planned.

‘Of course, system development is always work in progress. The platform enables us to get on with developing the features without having to mull over integration issues. Next we will implement a global project function and make our digital customer-service functions more efficient,’ explains Uusitalo.


Sources of further information:

Accountor Enterprise: Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant, +358 40 484 5446

For Enevo Oy: Mika Uusitalo, CFO