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Innolink Staff laskee palkat Mepcolla

Mepco payroll system halves payroll administrator’s work load

A couple of years ago as the company’s operations expanded, Innolink Staff began to consider handling its outsourced payroll calculation in house. Around the same time, Payroll Administrator Riikka Huuhtanen joined the team. Thanks to her expertise, she helped identify good software partners and was involved in the process starting from deployment.

“We had talks with multiple software suppliers, but Mepco’s versatility and usability impressed us right away. I must say, the software is extremely convenient,” says Anne Kalliomäki, who worked with Riikka and, at the same time, managed the commissioning project for Innolink Staff.

Mepco can be tailored to meet various payroll calculation needs

As a staffing company, Innolink has a lot of demands for a payroll system, as its customers are from a variety of sectors, which means that there are plenty of differing collective agreements to consider. In Mepco, the various collective agreements are customised by the project team in the commissioning phase, after which additions and modifications are made as needed. Basing the process on collective agreements facilitates payroll processing significantly.

“Mepco is an excellent solution for a company with multiple collective agreements and payment groups in its payroll arrangement,” Huuhtanen explains.

“It is easy to customise Mepco to your needs. Our customers include a lot of companies that utilise their own local agreements, for example. Mepco was the most flexible solution for varying situations, which meant that it was the best choice for us,” Huuhtanen adds.

Getting rid of manual work with Mepco

Among other tasks, calculating bonuses and increments used to be a chore, since the payroll administrator had to enter them manually. In addition to this, the administrator had to remember the bonuses specified in each collective agreement, because the system did not add them automatically. Now, the situation is different.

“I had a note listing evening, night and weekend bonuses, sick pay waiting periods, holiday calculations, etc. Now Mepco adds all this information pretty much automatically,” Huuhtanen says.

Timesheets, too, used to be in an Excel spreadsheet from which Huuhtanen manually entered everything into the payroll system.

“Now we use time cards within Mepco, and the payroll administrator only needs to verify them to forward them for further processing,” Huuhtanen says.

This has reduced the time spent on manual routine tasks by half, leaving Huuhtanen with more time for expert tasks and further development of operations.

“There is now very rarely a need for overtime, because we have time to get everything done during regular hours. This is quite an accomplishment,” Anne Kalliomäki adds.

System commissioning without issues

Mepco’s commissioning project proceeded smoothly and on schedule, despite the brisk pace.

“An experienced long-term Mepco specialist helped us with the deployment. We set a fast pace for the project and were able to stick to the schedule thanks to the specialist, who was extremely proficient. The commissioning was completed quickly and smoothly,” Kalliomäki says, praising the results.

The company staff also learned the system quickly.

“Learning how to use the system was very fast, since the operating interface is very easy to use. You can always find the information you are looking for in Mepco. In addition to this, the system features a variety of reports,” Kalliomäki describes.

Innolink currently uses a web-based timesheet for its employees. The supervisors of temporary workers collect the working hours total time cards within Mepco.

“This used to be done with Excel summaries. We like the fact that the total time card looks a little bit like an Excel spreadsheet, meaning that learning how to use it has been easy,” Kalliomäki says.

Innolink Staff has considered implementing the time records of the Mepco Kirjaamo application and online desktop in the future.

“We started with the payroll system with the intention of proceeding one small piece at a time to keep us from biting off more than we can chew,” Kalliomäki explains.

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