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More smarts for the HY+ centre of continuing education, with NetSuite and Accountor Enterprise involved in its development

The world’s best education has reached the global market
Owned by the University of Helsinki, HY+ is Finland’s largest education provider focused on continuing academic education and development services. It has set its sights on being Finland’s most interesting and groundbreaking operator in this field. With new ideas and world-class research, it wants to provide a breath of fresh air to Finnish society at large. In addition, HY+ co-ordinates the University of Helsinki’s export activities related to education. Some of the training arranged by HY+ is carried out via online courses.

"While we are involved in numerous projects and collaborate with professors and various university departments, we are also constantly on the look-out for new collaboration opportunities. We want to offer companies and other organisations – in Finland and abroad – education and training that brings together a practical approach and an academic foundation," says Päivi Karjalainen, Director of Finance at HY+, who continues:  "In summer, 50 Saudi Arabian teachers will arrive in Helsinki for a six-month training course. In addition, we are collaborating on several projects with high-profile international organisations, such as the World Bank."


NetSuite as the driving force behind financial management

HY+ implemented NetSuite’s payroll and finance functions in June 2016, soon after the new training company was established. Deployment of this functionality took place extremely rapidly, over the space of a few months.

"The whole process went smoothly, and it didn’t interfere with our work," says Karjalainen, pleased with the project. She has only praise for the professionalism and expertise of the supplier, the then Mepco: "From the outset, all the reports generated by NetSuite have been virtually error-free. All of the figures add up, and all the right rows are found in the reports. I attribute this to the program’s excellent integration. I was bowled over."


"The best product on the market"

HY+ looked into the ERP systems on the market with great care before opting to choose NetSuite and Mepco. NetSuite was the natural choice because it provided a solution that offered tools for financial administration, project management, and online sales, all in one package. The goal was to replace the 15 individual programs the education provider was using with a single solution that provides a seamless, efficient, and adaptable approach.

"The program offers cloud-based operations, which was another factor influencing our decision,’ says Karjalainen, adding: ‘There weren’t many products on the market that met our requirements related to functionality and breadth. NetSuite’s versatility was what really convinced us. We were already impressed by the introduction to the processes we received at the beginning of the project, but NetSuite has proved even better than we dared to expect. NetSuite is a platform of almost unlimited versatility that offers numerous options for large organisations too."

Juha Kuivainen of Accountor Enterprise explains that from a system supplier’s perspective, education is an extremely interesting field: "With regard to its structure, the education sector is considered to provide fertile ground for a revolution in platform solutions."


A global platform for growing businesses

As a fully integrated system that is updated continuously, NetSuite offers a solution that grows along with the business. Because the organisation’s staff travel regularly in Finland and also abroad for meetings and to give lectures, it was important for HY+ to have a system that enables the monitoring of sales and projects irrespective of time and place.

"With this choice, we are looking to the future. NetSuite is a comprehensive solution, which makes it considerably more agile and versatile than having separate, massive systems," says Karjalainen. "It offers numerous functions, and we have yet to tap the program’s full potential. We are still in the process of putting the system in place, and I think that after this we can continue to develop it," she says.

When asked about NetSuite’s best qualities, Karjalainen mentions access to real-time information on the financial situation.
She says in summary: "Invoicing has become easier, and everything now runs to schedule. Thanks to its excellent usability, versatility, and scalability, NetSuite is an ideal choice for a company supplying consultancy and training services. Having been involved in the implementation of information systems in the past too, I can say that everything has gone to plan with NetSuite."


Sources of further information

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