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One of Finland’s most interesting companies selected NetSuite as its ERP system

The successful Tampere-based company lauded NetSuite as ‘a choice for the future’.

Established five years ago, rapidly expanding office-solution supplier Framery Acoustics produces soundproofed phone boxes and meeting pods for open offices the world over. After a tough first few years, the company has been on an upward trajectory – it is among Finland’s most rapidly growing enterprises and has gained a strong foothold in the global market. This pioneering Finnish company has successfully sold silence to such international corporate giants as Twitter, CNN, and Facebook.

It is critical for a company experiencing dramatic growth to find an effective management system for its manufacturing operations that also can adapt and expand in line with the company’s changing needs. After some deliberation, Framery opted for NetSuite ERP system, as supplied by Accountor Enterprise, on the strength of the software’s scalability and the innovative philosophy behind it.

‘The novel technology implemented in NetSuite and its global platform convinced us. Browser-based operations offer flexibility. We believe that NetSuite is a choice for the future,’ says the company’s Founder and COO, Samu Hällfors.

Accountor Enterprise is creating a novel culture of operations with its customers, via seamless collaboration.

‘We realised right from the outset that we were on the same wavelength as Framery. We believe that implementing a new technology is a shared experience rather than fruit of a conventional customer–provider relationship. With its global success, Framery fits in perfectly with our community of export-oriented growth enterprises. We are proud to be involved in this story of growth,’ explains Juha Kuivainen, a NetSuite expert with the SKY unit at Accountor Enterprise.

In addition, Framery’s Hällfors emphasises the significance of rapid development and NetSuite’s exceptional integration capacity, a quality that made it stand out from the competition. Also, the organisation developing NetSuite is international.

‘Third-party add-ons are readily available, so we aren’t dependent on a single technology. With the add-ons, you can also expand NetSuite’s functions,’ he continues.

Finland offers an excellent manufacturing location

Framery Acoustics manufactures all of its products in Tampere. Hällfors explains that the company has never seen moving production abroad as a tempting proposition, as it needs to retain control over its quality-assurance processes.

‘Making products in Finland is not as expensive as people often think – you just need to recruit efficient employees. We also want to be certain that our products meet the quality criteria we have set for them,’ he says.

NetSuite is a logical choice of system for supporting these principles. NetSuite’s CEO, Zach Nelson, has often referred to his company’s development from a small start-up operating on premises above a hairdresser’s into a large corporation and leading cloud ERP services provider. Accordingly, NetSuite itself is a product of a growth mindset.

A stand-out solution was the answer

According to Hällfors, NetSuite’s competitors lost the race because the technology they offered was outdated and their solutions were not truly browser-based. So, for Framery, the availability of cloud-based operations was the deal-maker. What’s more, NetSuite came highly praised in Finland.

One key reason Accountor Enterprise was selected as the supplier is that it is a local company. This makes communications straightforward. Hällfors was particularly impressed by Accountor Enterprise’s references. ‘Its expertise in the sales process was in a league of its own,’ he says.

For further information please contact:

Accountor Enterprise: Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant, +358 40 484 5446

Framery Oy: Founder and COO, Samu Hällfors, tel. +358 50 517 5818

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