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ProMart accelerates its growth with NetSuite

Accountor Enterprise has provided ProMart with a NetSuite solution.

ProMart handles its customers’ unique small supply purchases and logistics through its own services utilising NetSuite’s ERP system.

Since its inception, ProMart has reformed technical wholesale practices. The company mainly serves customers in industry, construction, repair and maintenance. The range includes brands respected by professionals, and value is added by offering a customer-oriented one-stop service.

"Active, personal co-operation and convenient digital services facilitate our customers’ everyday lives all over Finland. They guarantee fast, effortless and cost-effective procurement of small supplies," says Hannu Pajula, Head of Development at ProMart Oy.

A ProMart storage shelf is placed at the customer’s premises. When the customer takes items off the shelf, ProMart is notified of this through a mobile app and QR codes. The shelf is restocked according to actual consumption – this way, the customer never runs out of gloves, earplugs or rolls of tape.

Occasional small supplies cause inconvenience

ProMart’s own stocks, created based on needs assessments, contain some 20,000 standard products. However, a fairly large part of the company's turnover is comprised of the sale of occasional small supplies. In a traditional procurement process, the occasional small supplies needs cause customers a disproportionate amount of inconvenience – but this is no longer the case.

"If a customer breaks a certain type of coffee pot, how much time is spent on looking for a replacement? And what else could be done with this time?” Pajula asks. "A ProMart customer sends a picture of a broken product to our representative who acquires and delivers a new replacement quickly and at a reasonable cost. We believe that we are the most effective B-to-B sales organisation in Finland in delivering occasional supplies.”

Measurable benefits

ProMart has managed to effectively manage large numbers of items and hundreds of suppliers. The company has gained measurable benefits from NetSuite.

"We control the sale, purchase, storage and logistics of small supplies through NetSuite’s ERP system. Clear processes and good productivity ensure high quality customer service and keep costs down. The operational capacity is measured, in particular, in the acquisition and delivery of goods outside the stock range," says Pajula.

NetSuite is a flexible business platform and cloud service that adapts quickly to the changing circumstances and needs of customers. The solution serves growth companies particularly well. ProMart has grown at an incredible rate – the company's turnover has risen from slightly over EUR 2 million in 2012 to nearly EUR 20 million in 2018.

"NetSuite grows and develops with our business. The system is very agile. For example, an idea brainstormed in a morning meeting can, in a best-case scenario, lead to a practical implementation by the afternoon. The ability to react rapidly is very important to our customers," Pajula emphasises.

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