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Rinta-Joupin Autoliike reference story

Rinta-Joupin Autoliike

Rinta-Jouppi expands – payroll functions adapt flexibly to growth

Rinta-Joupin Autoliike is a household name with branches all over Finland. The company sells around 15,000 cars every year. Rinta-Jouppi’s payroll functions were outsourced to Accountor several years ago.

”When the company was small and we only had a couple of showrooms, we managed payroll in-house. As the number of staff grew, we felt that switching to an external provider was the right move", explains Sami Kankaanpää, Rinta-Jouppi’s financial manager.

According to Kankaanpää, the main benefits of outsourcing are related to flexibility.

”With outsourced payroll functions, we don’t have to hire more staff or assign additional employees to help with payroll tasks. Payroll is not one of our core competencies; our staff focus on customer care and helping our customers to choose the right vehicle”, says Kankaanpää.

Correct interpretation of framework agreements is crucial

Kankaanpää says that it is also important that all payroll functions are handled by experienced professionals and that Rinta-Jouppi’s dedicated contact person knows the company inside out.

”We have around 300 employees who are covered by a number of different framework agreements – mechanics are covered by the Metalliliitto union’s agreements, while some office staff are members of Pro, for example. We have to make sure that everything is done correctly and that the framework agreements are interpreted in the right way. We have had a dedicated contact person at Accountor for several years who understands our business. He also keeps an eye on the trade unions and framework agreements for us”, Kankaanpää explains.

That reminds the financial manager of the company’s new showroom in Espoo, which will specialise in motorhomes.

”I have to ask my contact person to add the new branch to our contract”, Kankaanpää says.

Published previously in issue 6/14 of Kaupan Maailma magazine.

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