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Scalability for HL-Family Oy with NetSuite – Accountor Enterprise implements the solution with lightning speed

The Turku-based HL-Family Oy is the largest telemarketing company in Finland, employing some 200 personnel with a revenue of around EUR 100 million, 95 million of which in securities trading. The company is known for its social responsibility and trustworthiness, and its roots date back to Hyvät Lehdet RMS Oy, founded in 1993. The business operations of HL-Family are expanding to new product branches, thanks in part to the acquisition of Buusteri Oy in 2016.

"As our operations have broadened from magazine telemarketing to other sales and marketing, it was time to switch to a scalable business platform that better meets the needs of our current operations and international prospects," explains Timo Mikola, CEO.

HL-Family ordered its NetSuite licenses in December 2017 and implementation took place in just under a month, requiring only five days of consulting work.

"The environment was launched on 19 December when I also first visited the customer for a half-day long workshop. We drafted the process flow chart on an A4 sheet of paper and rolled up our sleeves to begin going through the basics of NetSuite. On 12 January, the first lot of over 200 sales orders were delivered and packaged. Labels and invoices for the sales orders were printed directly from NetSuite with layouts modelled by the customer. The system itself had in fact been operational since 2 January," says Ari Koivisto, NetSuite Consultant at Accountor Enterprise.

"We chose Accountor Enterprise as our NetSuite provider based on recommendations and have had no reason to look back. The system is excellent and the project stayed within budget," Mikola says happily.

The customer's IT coordinator Petja Hartikainen deserves special recognition for the lighting-fast implementation.
"NetSuite is a very user-friendly system, and much of its use can be learned without separate consulting," says Hartikainen.


Sources of further information:

Accountor Enterprise: Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant, +358 40 484 5446

HL-Family: Timo Mikola