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Resource-savvy payroll accounting

Thanks to outsourced payroll services, Scandic Hotels’ human resources management can be handled by a small team of professionals. Scandic’s human resources manager Riikka Mattila is full of praise for Accountor’s flexible payroll service, which adapts to the changing needs of the hotel chain.

In 2013, Scandic celebrated an important milestone: it was 50 years since Esso Motorhotell, the predecessor of Scandic Hotels, opened its first branch in Laxa, Sweden. The name of the chain is not the only thing that has changed in half a century. The chain has also expanded from Sweden to Finland, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Belgium.

Today, the Scandic chain has 230 hotels, which employ 14,000 staff in total. Of Finland’s 27 Scandic hotels, two operate as franchises while the others are directly managed by the chain. Last year, these hotels employed 900 staff and had a turnover of €158 million.

Most of Scandic Hotels’ financial management is done in-house. However, payroll services and travel expense management have been outsourced to Accountor’s Jyväskylä branch. According to Mattila, outsourcing payroll functions frees up valuable resources and offers flexibility to the hotel chain’s HRM team.

”Our HRM team has only three employees, so we wouldn’t have time to take care of payroll functions. The professionals at Accountor perform the routine payroll tasks accurately and on time. They also prepare the documents we need to submit to the authorities every year and offer our managers help with employment and salary issues. I really value the services provided by the team at Accountor”, Mattila says.

Dedicated contact person ensures excellent service

Each Scandic hotel has a dedicated contact person at Accountor. These professionals provide a first point of contact for Scandic’s managers. Colleagues who are familiar with Scandic’s business ensure that everything runs smoothly, even when the appointed contact person is away. According to Mattila, this arrangement is absolutely vital, since it guarantees that payroll tasks are taken care of at all times.

As with other large companies in the hospitality industry, in addition to permanent full-time staff, Scandic employs a large number of part-time workers whose hours vary considerably from one week to another. Staff turnover also tends to be relatively high. These factors affect the amount of resources needed for payroll management.

”If we managed payroll in-house, it would be difficult to maintain a balanced workload. With the outsourced services, we know that we always have the necessary resources. The services are flexible and adapt to busy and quiet times”, Mattila explains.

New systems are developed in collaboration

Scandic Hotels have been using the same accountants since the late 1990s. Only the name of the company has changed. Over the years, Scandic and Accountor have worked together to develop successful solutions for managing the payroll process.

”For the past few years, we have focused on the efficiency of the payroll process and the development of new systems. Although it is still early days in this respect, Accountor’s specialists have already been a great help with planning and implementing new ways of working”, Mattila explains.

Scandic’s Workday personal information system is linked to Accountor’s shift-planning software and payroll service. The transfer of information between the different systems has been partly automated, which has reduced the need for manual checks, for example. Working together, Scandic and Accountor aim to improve process efficiency and increase automation. However, new technology cannot replace communication between people.

”Good day-to-day cooperation with the Accountor team is absolutely crucial. We are in touch by phone and email, but we also meet regularly in person”, Mattila says, clearly happy.

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