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VMP Varamiespalvelu provides a better customer experience and on-time salary payments

Part of the VMP Group, the VMP Varamiespalvelu chain is one of Finland’s best-known temp and recruitment agencies. Customers range from private persons seeking employment to companies offering employment.

VMP has invested in developing its customer experience and service quality to make the service more streamlined and easier to use. VMP has built and developed the electronic services provided for customers using a wide range of software in collaboration with several providers. Work on improving the services continues – because the customer always comes first. For example, the invoicing of corporate customers is expected to run smoothly.
“What counts is that each employee gets paid on time and that it is as easy as possible to search for jobs using our network service,” says Johannes Setänen, Head of Customer Experience, VMP.

This is thanks to efficient software and an IT infrastructure that are constantly being developed in collaboration with IT partners.

A contemporary end-to-end recruitment solution comprises multiple compatible software

Via Accountor Enterprise Solutions, VMP has access to the Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM systems, which provide enough horsepower to offer a comprehensive recruitment solution. For example, the systems enable the comprehensive management of employee and corporate customer information, as well as accurate invoicing.

The Dynamics CRM system brings together corporate customers and suitable temp employees

“Applications are received by CRM Dynamic, i.e. the XRM system. We call it the XRM system because it contains information about corporate, temp and job-seekers alike. The system receives applications from our web service. Our HR personnel review the applications and invite suitable applicants for an interview. Once a person has been entered in the system as a temp employee, the system links them to a corporate customer’s order. The employee logs their shift hours online,” says Setänen, explaining the logic behind the temp service.

VMP also has access to the HR and payroll system Mepco HRM from Accountor HR Solutions, which is part of the same group, as well as servers provided by PCP Partner.
“Mepco HRM enables us to pay the right people the right amount at the right time. Microsoft AX sends invoices to our corporate customers and is also a handy accounting and financial management tool. All of this is neatly tied together by the Microsoft Biztalk integration platform.”

Because both the IT infrastructure and software are provided on a single provider basis, everything is easier to manage at service level meetings.

Continuous customer-oriented development is at the heart of VMP’s customer experience

VMP works continuously to develop its systems and the customer experience, while listening to customers’ opinions and feedback.
“What we want to do is to keep making the customer experience better and better. The areas we want to develop are not simply based on our own opinions; we continuously collect feedback from our customers regarding areas that need improvement. We prioritise the development suggestions and implement them to the best of our ability,” says Setänen.

Provider chosen based on experience and reputation

VMP chose Accountor Enterprise Solutions as its partner a couple of years ago because VMP trusted this well-known major Microsoft Dynamics provider. Because of the complexity of the systems, VMP wanted the core solution, i.e. the Microsoft Dynamics family, from one provider. This also enabled VMP to reduce the number of system providers.

“We didn’t want to start building such a complex system with an inexperienced software provider. Our choice felt logical also because it enabled us to take care of several sections with the help of one provider. By the way, this is the same convincing reason why our temp service customers choose the VMP Group as their partner,” says Setänen.

Sources of further information

For Accountor Enterprise Solutions: Director, Business Platforms Heikki Tukiainen, tel. +358 40 561 5020

For VMP Varamiespalvelu: Johannes Setänen, tel. +358 40 307 5052