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YBT Oy reached its goal of automating its payroll process as much as possible with Mepco

As the previous payroll system approached the end of its life span, YBT Oy found itself in need of a new one. There were a few options in the comparison. 

“Our accounting office use Mepco, and they had a lot of good things to say about the system. That said, they do not handle our payroll calculation as we take care of that ourselves. Based on the accounting office’s recommendation, we decided to try Mepco out, which made the choice very clear,” says Mika Alapuranen, EDP Manager for YBT Oy.

In terms of our criteria, the new payroll system needed to be as modern as possible, automated and utilise electronic data transfer.

“We wanted a system that would widely cover electronic data communications. We have an ERP system of our own, from which we import the payroll data electronically. In addition to this, we send bank materials straight to the bank, employees get their pay through online payroll services and tax cards are processed electronically. In other words, we use electronic data communications to handle everything we possibly can with current solutions. Mepco covers our needs very well,” Alapuranen describes. 

Mepco speeds up the entire payroll process

At YBT Oy, the entire payroll process was updated with the deployment of Mepco. Many things were automated, which freed up time for other activities.

“Mepco meets our needs extremely well, and there are much more features available than we even need. The necessity for data entry has decreased and calculation has become more automatic. The best thing about Mepco is absolutely its queues, which are used to handle multiple actions in succession. This helps automate a lot of activities,” Alapuranen says. 

The system is versatile and can be tailored to each company’s specific needs. The commissioning phase involved a lot of configuration. Still, once the formulae have been set, the software will use them systematically. 

“The scope of the configuration process surprised us somewhat. That said, I think it is a really good thing to go through the configurations in the commissioning phase to learn about the system. Once these tasks are complete, the software will automate many workphases,” Alapuranen explains.

As the key feature, Alapuranen mentions electronic data communications, which means that the information needed for payroll calculation can be imported directly from the production control system to Mepco. 

“Our payroll calculation is a bit challenging with the variation in daily pay due to payments being made as hourly wages based on productivity compensation. It is important to us for the hour counts and payroll information to flow from the production control system to payroll calculation,” Alapuranen says.

A cloud service is a modern and worry-free alternative 

YBT Oy uses Mepco as a software service, i.e. cloud service.  Alapuranen sees this as a good and modern alternative.

“We have no desire to maintain our own servers and handle software updates. The SaaS solution takes these responsibilities off our shoulders, which is definitely a plus,” he says. 

The cooperation with Accountor HR Solutions has also gone well.

“We have annual situation update meetings, which I have been happy with. I have not contacted support myself but, when asking others, I was told that the support staff is highly proficient,” Alapuranen describes. 


YBT Oy manufactures high-quality prefab concrete elements, and can offer a full range of services from design to erection. The family business was founded in 1958, and it employs about 40 people. The company has factories in Ylitornio and Kuhmo.  

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