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Accountor Easy

Accounting service for small business owners and entrepreneurs

Accountor Easy covers everything a small business needs for financial management. We have eliminated all redundant functionality so that we can provide digital financial management services to our small-business owners and entrepreneurs at an affordable rate.

  • An accountant will send the statutory notifications to the authorities and ensure that your bookkeeping is up-to-date each month.
  • A payroll clerk will calculate the salaries of your employees according to the best practices in payroll services.
  • You can process all of your sales and purchase invoices digitally on your computer, tablet, or smartphone at any time, anywhere, and forget about posting, scanning, and filing cabinets.

Accountor Easy always includes an easy-to-use reporting tool that lets you track your company’s financial position in real time through informative reports, images, and graphics.

Five good reasons to choose Accountor Easy

  1. Agile billing. You can create and send a bill from your mobile phone whenever you want, even while visiting a customer. This way, your bill is sent right away.
  2. Easy invoice processing. Forget posting, scanning, and archiving paper copies in filing cabinets. You can pay and process invoices on your mobile phone at any time, anywhere.
  3. Decisions based on knowledge. You can check your company’s financial situation anytime via an easy-to-use reporting tool, which allows you to create stylish reports that are easy to read.
  4. Knowing who is in charge of serving you. You will be appointed a contact person with whom you can be in touch by phone or via the Accountor extranet.
  5. Paying for only what you actually need. The service is specifically designed for small businesses, so you are only paying for services you need.


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