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HR-tjänster, lönsamhet och framgång med medarbetaren i fokus

HR Management

HR Management services for companies

Our HR management, recruitment and staff development services fit all business sectors and companies of all sizes.

HR services

Accountor’s HR, recruitment and personnel development services suit for all industries and companies of all sizes. Our services provide support for your personnel’s competence and training management and development as well as automatization of your HR routines.

HR and payroll services

Accountor’s HR and payroll service solution is an effective package where everything is only a few clicks away. Our HR and payroll services will bring benefits for the supervisors as well as for the employees. It is possible to start using HR and payroll processes in a whole company through an easy-to-use browser-based solution. The sites are scalable according to the device the information is accessible regardless of the platform in use.

Increasing supervisors’ performance

A supervisor sees the most important information easily from his own view in the system. He can see his subordinates’ information, inbound notifications, received forms and his subordinates’ vacations and absences.

Solutions for increasing supervisor's performance:

  • Changes in an employment. Subordinates’ information can be changed by using digital forms which contain an approval process used by a company.
  • Handling vacations. A supervisor can easily approve his subordinates’ vacations with one click. This will save time when it is not necessary to approve applications one by one.
  • Adding new employees. It is easy to add a new employment relationship. After filling all the necessary information in the system, the supervisor will be able to print the complete contract of employment for signing.
  • Automated notifications and news from an organization. For example, it is possible to inform the entire organization about a new employee by using automated notifications.
  • Reporting. A supervisor can report his subordinates’ information by using up-to-date reporting. The content of reports can be related to payroll or HR management, depending on the client’s solution.

Employees’ HR information in the same system

Employees’ HR information can contain, for example, courses and know-how. The course information shows the courses offered by the company that the user can enroll. Completed courses are shown in the employees’ information, from which they can also be reported. It is also possible to circulate forms of development and target discussions through the system. After which they will be included in employees’ information.

Facilitates employees' activities

Accountor’s HR and payroll solutions provide distinct benefits for both the supervisors’ and the employees’. The employees’ can easily send vacation applications and update their personal information. Thanks to this easy-to-use system, making vacation applications is faster and personal information will be kept up-to-date. An employee can modify his personal information in limits of his rights. Under the forms, the employee can easily find out which forms the supervisor has approved and which forms are still in progress. He can also see forms he has already sent.

An employee can see from his view:

  • his personal information,
  • number of received messages and forms,
  • number of total and remaining vacation days
  • and can access his payslips as well as vacation and absence periods

Entries of working hours

Employees can log their working hours in a simple way when using the system. Logged hours will proceed to a supervisor for approval before being transferred forward to payroll. Working hours are logged in a simple calendar view.

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