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Payroll administration and worktime entries

Mepco payroll system makes payroll administration processes more efficient at every stage of the earning process, from data collection to payroll and reporting.

Kirjaamo worktime entry system can be seamlessly integrated with Mepco solution. With its help, worktime entry and the entering of items and hours are effortless.

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Automated processes

With the help of Mepco payroll system, the routines of payroll computing can be completed with a click of a button. An automated process will continue up to the entries of financial administration, bank transfers and payslips.
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Distributed user management

Thanks to Mepco’s distributed user management, changing basic information is quick and the workloads within the organisation can be redistributed. User rights can be defined flexibly and the right of user groups can be managed through different roles.
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Easier data collection

Mepco’s electronic forms enable e.g. the collection of absence and holiday data, changing personal data or easy approval of pay raise proposals.
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Versatile reporting

Mepco’s versatile reports serve both the company’s executive team as well as authorities. The most common reports and statistics are default options in the software and it is easy to draft more, when necessary.
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Complete system interfaces

The most efficient method of collecting payroll transactions and worktime data to Mepco is to download them directly from the pre-systems, but, if necessary, they can also be entered into the payroll computing software manually.
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Worktime entries and payroll together

Kirjaamo worktime entry application is part of Mepco’s web package, so information flows in real time: the transactions in Kirjaamo can be automatically registered as payroll transactions and transferred on payroll reports and to accounting.
“Mepco is a very user-friendly software. Processing data goes easily, reporting is quick and the simple reports can be utilised by anyone.”

– Payroll Manager and HR specialist Minna Rimpiläinen, Outotec Oyj

Acquire together or separately: payroll, workhour entry, HR, recruitment and expense claims

The Mepco product family has flexible solutions for the following needs:

The modular Mepco system includes the modules of payroll, human resources management and recruitment. Additionally, a seamless integration of M2 travel and expense claims and Kirjaamo worktime entry system is possible with Mepco, and they can also be purchased separately.

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