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Solutions for the public sector

Smooth-running participation processes and multichannel communication solutions ensure that local residents are offered a strong foundation for a good life and positive experiences of their own municipality or public services. The key factors that contribute to a successful modern municipality and positive experiences for its residents include:

  • Open two-way communication between municipal authorities and residents. A modern municipality offers local residents avenues for participating in and commenting on the introduction, preparation, assessment and development of matters that are important to them.
  • Functional multichannel services developed to meet residents’ needs. The service can be accessed with all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) regardless of time and place.
  • Cost-efficient and agile IT management as the backbone of digital development – the traditional support process is at the heart of the modern operational culture.

A good standard of living and functional democracy can only emerge with the support of open communication among residents, authorities and decision-makers from the municipality or the region that produces the local services. Because several of the offered services are available anywhere, anytime, interaction within the city or municipality should be dynamic.

Municipalities and public organisations often suffer from a paucity of available resources. IT solutions play a major role in the cost-efficient production of services. In IT projects, the goal is to achieve agile processes and to adopt procedures that have proved successful in private sector operations.

The cost efficiency of new service models and customer satisfaction can be achieved by engaging personnel who feel motivated. The infrastructure required for participation in the processes, including smart devices and good telecommunication connections, are already available to the majority of residents.

Timely customer services with the correct content and digital service channels are no longer just pipe dreams for public sector service providers.


Service platform for the public sector

A uniform and comprehensive solution platform provides organisations with the opportunity to build an operating environment that best suits their schedule and needs. All our public sector solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology. Dynamics 365 offers solutions that meet the majority of a modern municipality’s needs.


Integration with other public sector systems service portal

Our solutions can be connected to the service portal, which helps to reduce the amount of manual and overlapping labour by municipal workers.
The portal is a standardised communication channel, which offers a handy way of transferring information between organisations and a means of building secure service packages. The portal is based on X-Road technology and comprises two components:

1. data exchange layer
2. data exchange service

The data exchange layer determines how information and services are transferred between various information systems. The service component enables the utilisation of the services and data provided by other organisations that have joined the service. Data transfer takes place between the organisations’ security servers and the service’s central servers.


Our public sector partner

KuntaPro Oy
KuntaPro Oy offers outsourcing of financial and HR processes, and system solutions and other public sector services to municipalities, joint municipal authorities and municipal organisations.



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