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Saarioinen’s day-to-day operations have become easier with a new HRM system

With its tasty food of high quality, Saarioinen makes everyday life that little bit easier for consumers in Finland. Now life has become a little easier for Saarioinen’s staff too, thanks to HRM system from Mepco.

Saarioinen employs around 1,300 people. Such a number of employees results in a huge quantity of information to be stored in various systems. To streamline this process, Saarioinen wanted to implement a system that enables it to store all this information in one location.

‘Before, all the information was scattered around, in a number of systems. This rendered many day-to-day tasks time-consuming. We wanted to change this situation,’ explains Saarioinen’s Production Manager Anu Lempinen.

According to Saarioinen’s Director of HR and Administration Tero Tuominiemi, updating the system was called for also because the old product in use was coming to the end of its service life. ‘We want to make sure that we have the best tools and systems in place in our HR management,’ says Tuominiemi.

The overall package coupled with experience tipped the scales

After exploring the options available, Saarioinen opted for Mepco as its partner. Both Tuominiemi and Lempinen have a clear idea of the characteristics that make for a good partner in projects related to HRM systems and processes. ‘We’ll be the ones using the system, which is why our partner should listen to our needs. Another key factor is that the service should be developed in line with our wishes also in the future,’ says Tuominiemi.

Experience of similar projects lends the partner additional credibility. ‘The partner having prior experience of the system and knowing how it has worked elsewhere can help to tip the scales,’ he says. Mepco met Saarioinen’s expectations also with regard to these factors. Mepco HRM is a product of Mepco’s in-house development work, and the company continuously updates the software package. All this provides the company with a wealth of experience and insight related to the product and its use. ‘The main goal was to have all the staff information in one system. We looked into various solutions on the market. The package offered by Mepco came out on top.’ In addition to the HRM system, Saarioinen has implemented modules for recruitment, payroll, and travel-expense processes. ‘This all-inclusive package eliminates the need to have several systems in use. That was the deal-maker,’ Tuominiemi comments.

The implementation process passed the test with flying colours

The implementation of new software is a long process with several steps, involving migrating from the old system and procedures while training the staff in the use of the new program. Lempinen gives the process a score of 9+ on a scale of 4 to 10. The new system has been easy to learn to use. ‘The entire implementation process went smoothly. As in any process, there were a couple of hiccups along the way, but those were quickly fixed. The project was completed successfully and on schedule,’ says Tuominiemi, clearly happy with the situation. According to him, the new system has had a positive effect on supervisors’ work. ‘Thanks to the new system, our supervisors’ day-to-day tasks have become easier. In this, the usability of the system is the be-all and end-all. Now we have one location where we can find all the necessary information. The system is much more user-friendly,’ says Lempinen, who also acts a supervisor herself.

Picture: Saarioinen Ltd

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