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Kevytyrittäjyys ja toiminimellä yrittäjät ovat byrokratialtaan keveimmät

Accountor Finago’s Procountor is Finland’s most used financial management software

The majority of Finland’s accounting firms uses Accountor Finago’s Procountor financial management software. Suomen Taloushallintoliitto’s (Finnish Financial Management Association) survey also showed Procountor’s strengths.

About a quarter (24%) of Finnish accounting firms use Accountor Finago's Procountor financial management software. The share is revealed in the results of this year's extensive software survey by Taloushallintoliitto. More than 2100 accounting professionals from all over Finland responded to the survey.

In the survey, Procountor was ranked among the top five financial management softwares in general. Its strengths are in particular its ease of use, efficiency, and the quality of the support services. It was also ranked among the top five softwares for sharing, reporting capabilities, and the best value for money.

You can read all the results of the survey from Tilisanomat (in Finnish only).