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Compensate ja Accountor

Accountor starts cooperation with compensate foundation to continue to develop operating in a responsible way

Accountor concentrates on continuously developing its services by digitalisation and automation. One of the main reasons is that it saves a substantial amount of paper and thus the environment. As a forerunner, Accountor now expands its environmental liability by also compensating its carbon footprint with Compensate foundation.

Accountor and Compensate foundation, which enables compensations to fight climate change, are together committed to fight the climate change by reducing carbon from the atmosphere. They want to do concrete actions to compensate everyday emissions and to build a carbon negative life.

”According to our code of conduct, Accountor is committed to protecting the environment. We avoid unnecessary travel and prefer online meetings. In addition, we produce services, which are not tied to time or place, which reduces the need for travel further. We think, that only reducing the CO2 emissions is not enough, but we need also other measures,” tells Accountor’s CEO Niklas Sonkin.

Accountor compensates mileage reimbursements

Cooperation with Compensate gives Accountorians a way to take responsibility for reducing carbon from the atmosphere. In practice, this means that Accountor follows its personnel’s mileage reimbursements in Finland. Based on them, Accountor compensates this carbon footprint via Compensate.

”With the Compensate cooperation, our employees can better be aware of the environmental impacts their actions have. We want to enable that each and every one of us can contribute in protecting the environment,” says Niklas Sonkin.

Compensation builds new forests

Compensate directs the compensation payments mainly to certified and standardised emission reduction forestry projects, which concentrate on either planting new forests or protection of existing forests. Compensate delivers the compensation payments in full to the emission reduction project developers, so that the money will have the biggest possible effects.

”We must do much more than today to stop the climate change. To succeed, we need companies and industries together offering people better opportunities to do more. It is great that Accountor is one of the first companies to build solutions, with which we can reach a carbon negative future,” says Antero Vartia, who is the founder of the Compensate foundation.



More information

CMO Katarina Ylikorkala, Accountor, +358 50 387 0635

COO, Head of Brand Minna Kaitala, Compensate, +358 40 358 0091



Accountor specialises in software solutions and outsourcing services for financial, HR and Business and ICT services. The group employs more than 2.500 experts in seven countries. Our mission is to help our customers use the possibilities of modern technology and digitalisation in their everyday work. The group’s headquarters is in Espoo, Finland. In addition to Finland, Accountor operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine. The turnover of the Accountor Group was 230 M€ in 2017.


Compensate (Kompensäätiö sr) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2018. It concentrates on work, which fights against climate change by enabling compensation when making everyday purchase decisions. In that way, Compensate builds the possibility to a carbon negative life. Compensate foundation directs the funds from the compensation payments in full to reduce carbon from the atmosphere.