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In honour of International Women’s Day, we introduce women in technical positions at Accountor

At an accelerating pace, companies need digital solutions for their financial and HR management. At Accountor, we make it more accessible to handle required tasks by developing easy-to-use digital solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Equality for technical positions

We are aware that professionals working in personnel and finance management activities are often women when software development professions tend to be dominated by men. At Accountor we recognise the difference and seek to mitigate the imbalance by promoting career opportunities for both genders and encouraging our female professionals to seek technical positions.

In honour of this year’s theme for International Women’s Day – “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” – we are celebrating our role by introducing a few of the professional and savvy women in leading technical positions at Accountor.

You can find their detailed introductions on Accountor Suomi Instagram during week 10: @accountorsuomi

Equal growth opportunities at Accountor

Our working culture is based on our People First principle and values: respect, trust, courage and future. That’s why we don’t have glass ceilings but support our people to advance in their careers regardless of their gender, age, background, or other personal trait.

If they desire, it is possible for people to grow into a technical role at Accountor. The administrator of our Mepco HR solution has become its developer and the user of Procountor financial management solution can become its tester. Since the majority of Accountorians who are users and administrators of our solutions are women, they increase the equality within the technical field in their new roles.

According to an earlier Global Gender Gap Report (by World Economic Forum), there is a clear gender gap in technical positions. For example, women hold only 22 percent of positions within artificial intelligence. At Accountor we are proud to exceed significantly the general numbers: Every third manager and every fourth leader in Accountor’s product development units is a woman. We have active equality plans reduce the gender gap at Accountor. For example, we made salary gap mitigation activities during spring 2022 and continue with annual plans.

Women increase potential for innovations

At Accountor we think that it’s important to have diverse talent, in particular in our technical positions. In that way we can enhance our innovative and inclusive capacity. According to the United Nations, bringing women into technology results in more creative solutions and has greater potential for innovations that meet women’s needs and promote gender equality.


United Nation’s International Women’s Day has been celebrated since 1975.