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Prevas has outsourced their financial management to Accountor

The cooperation between Prevas and Accountor goes back to the beginning of 2011. It started out as an interim assignment, but has since developed into a full financial outsourcing deal.

Choose the competencies needed
The size of Prevas makes financial outsourcing an optimal choice as the different financial functions are managed by a relatively small number of people. And some of the functions do not require a full-time employee. By engaging Accountor, Prevas has access to well-qualified assistance at all levels, from payroll consultant to CFO. Also, the need for resources can be adjusted on a continuous basis.

Flexible resources and back-up
But most importantly, as President of Prevas, Henrik Møller says: "By outsourcing our financial management to Accountor, we are less vulnerable in connection with illness etc., as Accountor will immediately provide us with another consultant to solve the tasks if needed. It is reassuring to know that Accountor takes care of our financial function at all times - despite illness etc."