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Innovations in business and operational models

Customer-Focused Enterprise Resource Planning

The main benefit offered by cloud platforms is scalability. A company can expand its operations by selling more to its existing customers – by increasing its service selection and capacity through network management.

This requires the company to rise above a model based on separate systems and to adopt a new approach by integrating its processes. On the level of systems, this means fusing at least the customer relationship (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) processes.

We feel fortunate that we have had the opportunity to be involved in helping companies based on great new product innovations to transform their product-based operations into customer-oriented ones. We know what is required for a company to take an original innovation to the next level. Contact us to find out more about our experiences.



Platform-Based Applications and New Business Models

The potential held by digital platforms and AI and IoT technologies lies in the commercialisation of ever-increasing, complex data sets. In other words, this means turning bits, and experiences arising from them, into money.

Platforms offer companies more than one way of taking their operations to the next level:

Expansion to a level that exceeds the available production capacity

A company can build a business model which is at least partly based on capacity produced by other operators – via the redistribution of ownership, the balancing of capacity, and crowdsourcing of service production.

Creation of novel added value

A company can produce customised, timely services and complement and improve its service range by incorporating information that is important to the client.

Development of cost advantages

A company can offer new revenue and pricing models, including freemium and partnership models.

We have had the opportunity to get involved in the building of scalable digital business operations for the world’s leading companies. We know how to boost information flow between customers and their value chains, increase customer orientation, and create key performance indicators that provide information on the company’s digital efficiency and not just on individual functions.

We want to help companies succeed with our expertise and the best technology. Why not contact us to have a chat about what we can offer you?

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