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Unlimited possibilities

Jon Nikolai is motivated by helping the customer's business grow


Jon Nikolai Rønningen, Franchise director and co-owner of Accountor at Gjøvik and co-owner of Accountor's offices at Hadeland, Toten and in Nittedal.

What are your tasks?

My workday is mostly anything but accounting. As a general manager, I am concerned with the day-to-day operations and administration of the offices, advice on taxes, buying and selling of businesses, foundations of companies, sales to new and existing customers, personnel administration and development of own offices to name a few.

What background do you have?

I am an accountant, and have worked with auditing for five years. Then I was an advisor and deputy chairman of Økonor Gjøvik (now Accountor at Gjøvik), which I bought half of when I started working there. I have also been general manager of Økonor Toten (now Accountor) for over three years.


What motivates you in the job?

I find motivation to create something, to see that business grows. It is exciting to be the driving force behind making the office a better place to work and see that it improves earnings.

What opportunities for further development do you get from Accountor?
It's almost unlimited. It is very much what you want yourself. As a leader and co-owner, I have a wide range of tasks; I participate in board positions, I constantly meet new challenges on the staff side, there are unlimited learning opportunities on the operating / IT side - that's why it is so fun to work here!


What is the best thing about Accountor as a workplace?

I enjoy working very well with people, and constantly face new faces, both among customers and other partners, and in the chain otherwise. I meet a lot of positivity, and there are many people in Accountor who want something.

Accountor had been a better workplace if ..?

Processes and guidelines could be even more streamlined than they are today. The potential of the market is much greater if everyone moves in the same direction, has common goals and values, and knows which way to go.

What advice can you give to those who want to work in Accountor?

Make sure you have the basic education in place, then it is practically limitless how far you can reach. Of course, it will help you a long way from whether a resident lives in you and that you are interested in your subject. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to interact with people as well. The tasks in our industry are becoming more and more automated, and then the interpersonal contact becomes all the more important.

Jon Nikolai Rønningen