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A payroll partner we can trust


"By leaving the Account Manager's salary function, we can make sure that the salary is calculated and paid correctly and we get good answers to the questions we have about Norwegian regulations."

Music Retail Norway operates Norway's largest music chain, 4Sound. With 13 stores and online stores it is important that the payroll function is done properly and professionally.

The parent company in Sweden, Music Retail Holding, has chosen to outsource the payroll function of the offices in Norway to the accountant, and knows that the salary is safe with professionals who are fully focused on payroll services.

"We need high and secure competence in payroll, and place great demands on the knowledge and service levels of our payroll partners. This is what we get from Accountor, "says Kajsa Olofsson Locatelli, Payroll Manager at Music Retail Holding (MRH) in Sweden. MRH has outsourced Account Manager's payroll function since May 2016.

Total payroll and local knowledge
When the headquarters are located in another country, it is important to be confident that the payroll partner knows the local rules. For MRH, it is not only important for a safe salary payment, but also that they have total knowledge about everything that has a payroll function: «MRH is a company with many locally owned offices throughout Scandinavia. We need a partner with in-depth knowledge of payroll management, regulations and accounting. "

Safe and quick help
When Locatelli is asked to describe her collaboration with Accountor, she draws three things: Professionalism, good cooperation and responsiveness. "We always know that the salary is calculated and paid correctly, in accordance with Norwegian rules and parameters. In addition, it is also valuable to us that we get quick help when we wonder something: Accountant is helpful when we have questions about things like salary, salary and employment law. Or when we do not understand the principles of the Norwegian wage bill. They always take the phone and have the knowledge needed. "