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Express performance analysis of accounting and financial department in Russia

When company management feels that: 

  • It receives from the accounting department information about the company’s financial condition that makes little sense and doubts the accuracy of reports;
  • The accounting department fails to submit reports in due time despite an increase in staff and expenses;
  • Changes in the accounting department are necessary;

In this case, a snap analysis of the accounting system is a quick and effective step to introduce changes.

Express analysis of accounting system in Russia

Our services for performance analysis of accounting department

As part of these services, our experts analyze the performance of your company’s accounting department, assess the workload of employees, give recommendations to improve the organization of accounting processes and increase their automation. Within a few days in your company we:  

  • Define management needs: what information is required, to whom and when;
  • Compare current accounting practices and policies with the company’s real requirements;
  • Find out how roles and duties are allocated in documents and in practice;
  • Identify the most time-consuming business processes in accounting;
  • Check how reporting is done in practice as well as the reliability of the company’s internal control system;
  • As agreed with management, test the accountants’ knowledge;
  • Analyze the optimality of software and management tools;
  • Compare the resources involved in accounting processes with best practices;
  • Apply other procedures to provide our recommendations given the company specifics.
Express analysis accounting report


Upon completion of our analysis, we submit a written report including:

  1. An assessment of the status of accounting in the company with its strengths and weaknesses;
  2. An assessment of the professional knowledge of employees and its relevance to the assigned tasks;
  3. Recommendations on the necessary changes to staff, business process optimization, automation;
  4. A plan for introduction of recommended changes and our possible support for its implementation.

Experienced team

Our team consists of highly professional accountants, programmers, tax experts as well as auditors and lawyers. We are ranked in the following lists compiled by Expert RA rating agency:

  • TOP-10 accounting outsourcing companies;
  • TOP-10 payroll outsourcing companies;
  • TOP-10 financial consulting companies;
  • TOP-15 legal consulting companies.
Top positions in Russia - RAEX 2019 - accounting, payroll-hr, legal, financial consulting

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