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Accounting outsourcing

We provide accounting services that cover all accounting needs for business operating in Russia. That includes:

  • General bookkeeping and monthly closing of books
  • Precise and expeditious management of banking operations
  • Tax calculation, tax planning and tax declaration
  • Monthly financial reporting to management and owners in an agreed format and currency, with profit or cost center structure
  • Group reporting in accordance with international standards (IFRS, GAAP)
  • Professional contact with the tax authorities on your behalf 

We will provide your management with up-to-date financial information in real time. Our advisory services will help you make better business decisions. We guarantee not only the best accounting practices and tools, but personalized service as well. We offer the latest digital services in line with your needs.

We serve our clients with accounting outsourcing across Russia through our offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Switching Accounting to Accountor

Accounting outsourcing is set up in several stages after which clients get an accounting system with optimal settings to meet their needs and requirements. The transition period is usually from 2 to 6 weeks depending on business size.

  1. Contract conclusion. A contract with a detailed list of the services included in the fee clearly specifying the responsibilities of both parties is drawn up
  2. Accounting setting up. The setting up process includes the handover of database and documents (if a company already operates in Russia). A first operative meeting is held to agree in detail upon all working processes with the names of the persons in charge of those processes. A schedule for monthly actions is also agreed upon during this meeting which helps as well getting a better understanding of clients’ business processes. Actual technical setting up is conducted thereafter. If a client uses another ERP system, our IT team can provide in cooperation with financial experts an optimal system integration solution
  3. Enjoy benefits of outsourcing. Once all the processes are in place, you can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing and devote all your time to doing business

Additional benefits

We are one of the most experienced accounting companies in Russia working in the company since 1992. Our benefits:

  • Not just an accountant. At least, 4 people are involved in each project: chief accountant, accountant, personal manager and IT-specialist. Tax experts and lawyers are also on hand and ready to help if necessary

  • Personal manager. Our clients can send any questions to a contact person who is always ready to help. Our managers are fluent in Russian, English, German, Finnish, French and other languages.

  • Proactive approach. We keep you informed about all important changes in the legislation and practices and make sure that your company avoid all risks

  • We have a fine-tuned IT infrastructure, accounting software and other efficient electronic solutions which are regularly updated free-of-charge, helping our clients save both time and money

  • Security & confidentiality. Protected and encrypted channels, control all connection and access to data. We comply with all the requirements of Russian laws as well as European GDRP

  • Indemnity insurance. Liability insurance according to international company requirements

  • All our offices are ISO 9001:2008 Quality System certified. We also have AAA certification (Dun & Bradstreet). Most of our staff are certified by the ACCA and are qualified accountants

  • Accountor has an international presence, with over 100 offices in 7 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine. We can offer services in other CIS countries through our partnership network.

  • With us you can enjoy Full Expertise from One Source: we cover all financial and business administration needs that companies have when entering a new market, expanding operations, downsizing or leaving a market

  • High customer satisfaction. Our net promoter score is 78,5  

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us by phone/WhatsApp+7 495 788 00 05, by email: or filling the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.