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Electronic documentation exchange in Russia

What kind of platforms for electronic workflow is commonly used?

For data exchange with tax authorities, companies use the services of special providers of telecommunication channels, such as ARGOS, KONTUR, SBIS, etc.

How to start using the services of such providers?

To connect to a provider you need to prepare a set of documents: 

  1. Application for the creation of electronic signature facilities;
  2. Passport - copy; 
  3. Insurance number of the individual ledger account (SNILS) - copy (obligatory for the RF residents).

If the key is received by an authorized person, then a power of attorney is required. The form of the application and the power of attorney, as well as detailed instructions for filling them will be delivered by the provider.

Once you have submitted the aforesaid documents, the provider generates the electronic signature keys required for the safe data transmission through insecure communications channels, to the name of the head of the company. 

Then the software is installed on company’s computers (or access to the web-portal is provided) whereby it becomes possible to send reports through any connected direction. 

Which government agencies accept electronic documents?

At present, most part of tax and accounting reports must be submitted electronically, not only to tax inspectorates, but also to the social insurance fund, pension fund, and statistical agencies. 

As well, an electronic workflow within and between some government authorities, in particular, between the tax and customs agencies and banks, has been arranged. 

Furthermore, some companies exchange electronic documents among themselves.

But it should be noted that to the present date, not all documents have been formalized and adapted for exchange through the telecommunication channels, so not all companies can completely migrate to electronic workflow between each other.

And what documents are not subject to electronic exchange now?

It will not be possible to send in a formalized form:

  • Consignment note;
  • Acts on the acceptance and delivery of fixed assets or materials release notes (Form M-15), which is relevant for companies operating with goods made on commission.

Also there are some documents that obligatory must be prepared as hard copies, such as promissory notes and drafts, and limited-issue forms.

Exchange of electronic documents with foreign organizations is also an open question. Currently, this process is formally impossible.

Besides, reflection of documents in conventional units (“у.е.” in Russian) is also impossible.