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Payroll and HR administration services: FAQ

We have compiled the questions asked by potential and current clients about the set-up of our payroll and HR recordkeeping services and answered below.  

How do you fit into the company structure?

At the first meetings with a client, we discuss how we will interact and prepare a responsibility assignment matrix listing the tasks we will handle and those that will be completed by the client. 

How do you store and process personal data? 

We are a personal data operator registered with Roskomnadzor (this is a mandatory requirement for all companies that process personal data). We also comply with GDPR and ISO 27001 information security standard.

When and in what format should we provide information for payroll calculation? Who from our office should provide this information? 

Data transfer schedules are discussed before work begins and is dependent on clients’ internal wage regulations and labor laws. 

A person with access to payroll information is appointed in the client’s company to transfer this information to our employee responsible for this client’s payroll. This way, only persons approved in advance have access to payroll information.

How can our employees obtain payroll information? To whom should questions be addressed: someone in our company or Accountor?

We send answers to the most frequently asked questions to our new clients at the beginning of our cooperation.

If employees have specific questions, they can contact us:

  • Through a designated contact person in your company; 
  • Directly.

How employees will liaise with us is determined at the beginning of our cooperation.

Do payroll errors occur? What do you do in such case? 

Errors are rare. Our payroll accountants carefully verify calculated data and make calculations in accordance with clear procedures. If an error occurs, we will correct it and compensate loss.

Who checks accrual amounts? Should we do this ourselves?

This is the main advantage of outsourcing payroll. Since payroll is the main professional duty for our accountants, they carefully review and check calculated data. To identify discrepancies, we apply control procedures and request information for accurate calculation and correct payment.

What about data security? How are payslips sent? Has information ever been sent to the wrong people?  

Payslips are sent to employees by email, and to ensure data security, they can be opened only with a password sent by phone. So, even if someone receives someone else’s payslip, he/she will not be able to open it without the appropriate password. 

Our bonus system is complex. How will bonuses be accrued?

This could be done as follows: 

  • We can accrue bonuses in accordance with the client’s bonus policy and data provided by the client; 
  • We can draw up internal regulations based on the company’s group policy in compliance with the Russian Labor Code and pay bonuses in accordance with this document.

Some of our employees work remotely and even in other cities. Can we outsource their payroll? 

The location of employees does not affect payroll and salary payment. Payroll for any employees, including those working remotely may be outsourced.

How are documents archived?

We keep in our archive the clients’ documents necessary for payroll and HR recordkeeping. Other documents may be stored at the request of clients either in their office or in third-party archives.

Do you have any other questions about our services?

If you have any questions about our services, please use the form below, call +7 495 788 00 05 or email us at We look forward to any questions you may have.

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