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Quotas for foreign employees in Russia

In order to protect their domestic labor market, many countries – Russia included – set quotas for hiring foreign employees. Companies must therefore obtain an authorization from the state to hire foreign nationals who need a visa to work in Russia.

To obtain such state authorization, employers must submit a foreign national hiring application before employing any foreign nationals. These state authorizations are issued for a specific year.

Automated Information System for Migration Quotas

A website including a Migration Quotas Information System has been set up to submit quota applications. First, employers need to register on the website following the instructions provided here. Once registered, employers can perform the following actions:

  • Fill out a foreign national hiring application for the upcoming year;
  • Fill out an application to adjust the quota for the current year by increasing or decreasing the number of foreign nationals;
  • Make changes to current quota requests for the upcoming year and adjust quotas if they have not been sent;
  • Withdraw application if it has not been considered and included in the quota proposal;
  • View application statuses;
  • Change contact information.

Deadlines and place for foreign national hiring applications

There is an authorized body in charge of application review in each region, and they set their own deadlines for application submission. Their address can be found at by selecting the relevant region after which the webpage shows the organization name and contact information.

Using the information found on the webpage, the relevant authorized body can then be contacted to find out the deadlines. We noted that it is possible to find out the deadlines on the website for some – but not all – regions unfortunately.

For example, the deadlines for application submission in 2018 in Moscow are indicated on this webpage. But for employers based in St. Petersburg, we managed to find some information only on the website of the Labor and Employment Committee which is responsible for quotas in this city. 

Documents required

  1. Completed application on printed form from Migration Quotas Information System (2 copies) certified by organization seal;
  2. Power of attorney on behalf of the organization head on the organization letterhead certified by organization seal (when applications are submitted by an attorney-in-fact);
  3. Copy of certificate of registration of Russian organization with local tax authorities in the Russian Federation (INN);
  4. Copy of extract from the State Register of Legal Entities no older than 1 month;
  5. Guarantee letter confirming the provision of accommodation to foreign employee during employment;
  6. Guarantee letter confirming the provision of voluntary medical insurance for medical care to foreign employee;
  7. Copy of lease contract or other documents confirming the employer’s actual address;
  8. Letter describing the organization’s activity and grounds for hiring foreign nationals for the professions specified in the application (qualifications, positions), information on the place of employment of foreign nationals (name of construction site, restaurant, company, etc.) and specifying the reasons for the impossibility of hiring Russian citizens to fill the workplaces for which foreign nationals are hired.

All copies of documents are to be certified by the signature of the organization head and organization seal and submitted together with the original documents for verification.

Additional documents for representative offices and branches of foreign companies

Representative offices and branches of foreign companies in the Russian Federation should also provide:

  1. Copies of certificates of branch opening and of branch accreditation issued by the relevant authorized body;
  2. Copies of permit to open representative office and accreditation certificate issued by the relevant authorized body.

All copies of documents should be signed by the organization head and stamped with the organization seal.

The following applications are not accepted for review and registration:

  1. Applications sent by post or fax;
  2. Applications not certified by the signatures of the relevant authorized officers and the organization seal (except for individual entrepreneurs);
  3. Applications prepared without following the guidelines for completing employer applications, applications for increasing/decreasing the required number provided in Appendix 2 to Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Decree No. 27-n dated January 23, 2014.

    Deadlines and address for submission of applications in Moscow

    Foreign national hiring applications for 2019 or applications for quota adjustment for 2018 are submitted in Moscow to the Labor and Social Protection Department located at the following address: ul. Novaya Basmannaya 10, Block 1, Office 102.

    Receipt of applications: 

    • Monday-Thursday: 09:00-16:00, break: 12:45-13:30
    • Friday: 09:00-12:45 
    Deadlines for application submission
    Dates Year for which you need permission Date of application review
    April 8-19, 2019 2019, 2020 May 16, 2019
    June 13-21, 2019 2019, 2020 July 11, 2019
    August 5-23, 2019 2019 September 19, 2019
    October 7-25, 2019 2020 14.11.2019

    Deadlines and address for submission of applications in St. Petersburg

    In St. Petersburg, applications may be submitted to the Center of Human Resources located at the following address: Tramvayniy pr. 12, Block 2, Lit. А, Premises 2N (ground floor).

    Receipt of applications: from 1st to 15th of the month, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 09:00 to 17:00. 

    Deadlines for application submission
    The purpose of application Deadlines
    Foreign national hiring applications in 2020 from January 09 to July 15, 2019
    Applications for adjustment of quota for 2019 from January 09 to September 15, 2019
    Applications for adjustment of quota for 2020 from August 01 to October 15, 2019