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Work permits & visas in Russia

Please note that we provide work permit services only to businesses. We don't work with private individuals' cases. 

It is always challenging for foreign individuals or companies to deal with the Federal Migration Service of Russia. The Federal Migration Service became part this summer of the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and this means that the rules of the game are being changed again for companies doing business in Russia and work permit and visa applicants. The risks of fines or deportation are really high now. Our company has been providing work permit and visa support since 1992 so we do know all the critical details and peculiarities of the application process for work permits and visas for foreign nationals.

We recommend our clients to apply, wherever possible, for a highly qualified work permit as opposed to a regular one as this option offers several advantages. It takes much less time and efforts to obtain such work permit: it takes about 1.5 month compared to of 3-4 months for a regular work permit. In addition, personal 13% income tax rate applies in Russia immediately upon receipt of a highly qualified work permit, and there is no need to confirm that the applicant has stayed in Russia for more than half a year over the previous 12 months. A highly qualified work permit is valid for 3 years, whereas a regular work permit is valid for one year. However, in order to apply for a highly qualified work permit, the applicant’s salary should amount to at least 2 million rubles per year, which is roughly EUR 2,200 per month.

How can Accountor help?

Our experts will help you at all stages of the work permit application procedure:

  • We provide full consultation on the type of work permit which would be more appropriate in each situation – whether you should apply for a regular work permit or a work permit for highly qualified specialist. We also advise on the region and the validity term for which permits should be obtained.
  • Together with our clients we prepare all necessary documentation in Russia and in the country of origin;
  • We complete and submit all application forms and required documents;
  • We provide constant support to obtain the required medical certificates;
  • We assist with the payment for all necessary fees and duties;
  • Our professionals will personally visit all relevant local authorities, including the Employment Service, Federal Migration Service, medical centers, embassies and consulates, notaries and so forth to handle all necessary matters and ensure smooth and prompt receipt of work permits and work visas.

We can also provide business invitations to employees and individuals if urgently required during visa application procedures. Once they receive their work permit and work visa, our clients will not need to do anything to register or extend them: we will notify immigration authorities in due time of any changes and handle all formalities. Learn more about our labor and migration services.