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Comprehensive accounting outsourcing in Russia

We take on non-core business tasks:

  • Accounting and tax accounting;
  • Payroll and HR recordkeeping;
  • International reporting (IFRS, US GAAP, etc.);
  • Reporting to tax authorities, Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund and other bodies;
  • Banking operations.

We have been offering services to foreign companies in Russia since 1992 and always provide them to high standards.

Comprehensive accounting outsourcing in Russia
Time saving

Free up time for business

You do not need to worry about accounting tasks. We calculate taxes for you, pay salaries to employees, complete all HR tasks and prepare reports
Personnel issues

No more HR issues

Sick leave, vacation and dismissal of accountants will no longer be a problem as an entire team rather than a single individual will be at your service
Cost saving

Cut costs of up to 30%

You do not pay for an employee but for results. Time is charged for the tasks completed, not more. We automate everything, and this increases efficiency for each activity

Quality of communication and service

If you choose to outsource your accounting to us, you will get the support of an entire team of specialists, tailored to your needs.

Accountor personal manager

Personal manager

  • Our clients can always get in touch with us through their personal managers who are responsible for service quality as well as business problem solving;
  • Personal managers can be reached anytime through convenient channels for clients;
  • Our managers speak Russian, English, German, Finnish, French and other languages;
  • Managers ensure communication with the service team.

Service team

Teams are selected depending on client needs: 

  • Chief accountant;
  • Accountant;
  • Banking specialist;
  • Payroll accountant;
  • HR specialist;
  • Tax consultant;
  • Lawyer;
  • IT specialist.
Accountor, service team

Advantages of outsourcing a range of services

Quick communication

Fast communication

When all functions – accounting, payroll and HR recordkeeping – are handled by a single provider, no time is wasted to transfer information from different databases. This speeds up processes and improves the quality of problem solving

Better performance

If one company handles all the tasks, it has all the data and can allocate resources as efficiently as possible. This allows reducing costs and service fees
One contact person

Easy communication

There is no need to set tasks for different employees or different providers. All issues are resolved by one person.

Accountor Group

We are part of Accountor Group, the largest provider of accounting outsourcing services in the North of Europe. 

  • Headquarters in Helsinki, Finland;
  • 7 countries;
  • 3 business divisions with 2,800 employees;
  • Operating in Russia since 1992.

Top ranking in Russia

We are ranked as follows by Expert RA rating agency:

  • TOP-10 accounting outsourcing companies;
  • TOP-10 payroll outsourcing companies;
  • TOP-10 financial consulting companies;
  • TOP-15 legal consulting companies.
Top positions in Russia - RAEX 2019 - accounting, payroll-hr, legal, financial consulting


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