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Market research

Our goal is to help you transform data into knowledge, understanding and action. We provide comprehensive market research and analysis relating to market entry, competition, expansion and consumers to give you a solid background for developing your business. Your success is important to us.

Accountor entered the Russian market immediately after the collapse of the USSR in 1992. We have been growing alongside the new system, which today offers substantial investment possibilities for foreign companies.

Our company provides extensive market research services in Russia, including:

Market analysis and exploration

We cover the whole process of market entry research from assessing market size and identifying market niches to forecasting market development.

Consumer research

We assess consumers and their preferences, determine the factors influencing their purchase decisions and prepare and analyze social and demographic portraits of customers.

Competitor analysis

We identify and assess competitors, their goods, services and prices, determine their pros and cons and integrate this research in a comprehensive analysis.

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