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Social responsibility


When we work with clients, we are guided by the following 6 main principles:

  1. Customer-oriented approach – Individual approach and assistance to each client;
  2. Professionalism – We employ the best consulting and accounting specialists;
  3. Reliability – We have been operating in Russia for over 25 years and have gained our clients’ trust over that time;
  4. Confidentiality – We first and foremost see that our employees handle sensitive client information responsibly and dutifully. All work regulations provide for control of access levels. As the executive director of our group Niklas Sonkin noted: “Our clients trust us to handle confidential information, so acting responsibly is an integral part of our daily work.”
  5. Innovation – We always seek the most technologically advanced and inventive solutions;
  6. Perspective – Long-term cooperation is one of the objectives of our work. 


Responsible work is the core of our business. We contribute as much as we can to the development of society, business, communities, and people.

Социальная ответственность
Социальная ответственность

We work closely with various educational institutions. Cooperation is an important factor on the path to sustainable development and success. Students doing internships at our firm gain invaluable practical experience and can fully immerse themselves in the business environment. At events for students, our specialists speak about the career opportunities that await them at Accountor.

Before Christmas, all companies of Accountor group vote for a charity they would like to support that year. For example, in 2019, we supported the Gift of Life foundation.

accountor podari life support 2020
Социальная ответственность


In addition to our daily work with our clients, we also try to contribute to the development of the Russian economy as a whole. For over 25 years, we have helped thousands of foreign companies to invest and create jobs in Russia. We also constantly publish materials about new investment opportunities for foreign investors with more advantageous tax treatment, for example, for IT companies.

We, nevertheless, understand that for many of our foreign partners Russia remains one of the most volatile and unstable countries considering the changes in legislation and other risks. And that is why we always provide our clients with the most complete picture of all the benefits and risks of doing business in Russia, so that they can make a decision that best suits their risk profile.

As for our Russian clients, we endeavor to optimize their business processes and risks thereby reducing their costs and increasing their financial stability.

Социальная ответственность
Социальная ответственность


Year after year, we increase our investments in process automation and digitalization. When they start working with us, many of our clients switch to electronic document management rather than paper (and for good reasons).


We receive regular feedback from our employees on a wide range of topics, ranging from conditions of employment, the Group’s charitable and community activities. Accountor Russia carries out regular employee engagement surveys, which we benchmark to other companies in the our sector.

Our core principles:

  • Creating an intellectually challenging work environment;
  • Fostering a culture of generating ideas and assuming responsibility;
  • Embracing open dialogue, cooperation and creativity;
  • Demonstrating efficiency with minimum bureaucracy;
  • Promoting team spirit and an entrepreneurial culture.