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Webinar. Benefits for small and medium enterprises. How to be included in the SME register

Webinar content

What reduced rates (benefits) apply to small and medium enterprises and how companies with foreign participation may be included in the SME register

Webinar details

  • 29.04.2020, 15:00-16:00
  • Admission: Free
  • Language: Russian
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Вебинар. Ошибки в трудовых договорах

Topics addressed

  • Social insurance contribution rates reduced for SMEs from 30% to 15% 
  • Calculation of savings from lower rates 
  • Social insurance contributions for SMEs in 2021
  • Other benefits for SMEs
  • Which companies are SMEs?
  • How companies with a foreign shareholder become SMEs


Evgeniy has been working in the field of general audit, tax and accounting consulting, transfer pricing, as well as financial planning and analysis for over 17 years.