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Hedging seminar report and materials, Moscow

Accountor and Raiffeisen Bank held on April 26, 2016 a seminar on Hedging of Currency Risks in Russia in the building of Raiffeisen Bank in Moscow.

Registration started at 8:30 am, and the seminar participants chatted while enjoying some refreshments until the start of the event.

The seminar opened at 9:00 am with one of Raiffeisen Bank board members presenting the event speakers.

Ilya Dulin, Director of Treasury Products at Raiffeisen Bank, made a presentation on Hedging of Currency Risks in the Unpredictable Russian Market in the first half of the seminar. Ilya thoroughly answered the many questions raised during and after his presentation.

Evgeny Sumin, Deputy Director of Accounting and Tax Accounting Department at Accountor Russia, then talked about the accounting and tax aspects of hedging, providing clear examples. During the presentation, the seminar participants asked many questions to which Evgeny gave informative answers.

After the seminar, the participants continued chatting informally while enjoying tea, coffee and snacks.

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