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Seminar on the Practical Aspects of Preparing Transfer Pricing Documentation

On April 08, 2016, Accountor held a seminar on the Practical Aspects of Preparing Transfer Pricing Documentation at the Association of European Business in Moscow.

Registration started at 8:30. The seminar attendees (senior managers, financial directors and chief accountants) enjoyed some refreshments while chatting with some representatives of Accountor.

Daniil Berlizov, Senior Business Development Manager, opened the event at 9:00 by presenting Accountor and its activities in Russia and worldwide.

Evgeny Sumin, Accounting Department Deputy Director, made a presentation addressing the following topics:

+ Transfer pricing in Russia: rules and regulations applicable in 2016;

+ Clarifications of transfer pricing issues provided by tax authorities;

+ Transfer pricing: analysis principles (functional analysis, selection of methods, case studies, use of open sources);

+ Preparation of transfer pricing documentation: recommendations.

A lively discussion, which went on until 11:30, followed Evgeny’s presentation. During this discussion, Evgeny Sumin was able to give detailed and thorough answers to all the questions asked by the seminar attendees. 

After the seminar, both the attendees and organizers took time to enjoy a chat over tea and coffee.

Thank you for your time. To learn more about our transfer pricing services please contact.

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