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Seminar on Transfer Pricing. Presentations

On April 8 in Moscow and April 12 in St. Petersburh Accountor held a seminar on the practical aspects of the preparation of transfer pricing documentation in 2017.

Transfer Pricing 2017

Olga Mazina, Director of Tax Consulting and Audit Department, made a presentation addressing the following topics:

  • Practical aspects of preparation of transfer pricing documentation:
    • Step-by-step guide to preparation of transfer pricing documentation
    • Work on group policy
    • How to handle symmetric adjustments?
    • When Russian Tax Code methods do not apply: cases and solutions
    • Legislation changes in 2017 
  • Price check, court practice review:
    • Who in the group is at risk for price check?
    •  Powers of tax authorities, penalties
    •  Court practice review
  • Changes expected for foreign companies
    • Who will be affected by the changes?
    • New report forms: several levels of documentation
    • Getting ready for change: actions to be performed by companies in 2017 

Evgeniy Sumin, Deputy Director of Tax Consulting and Audit, spoke about interesting practical cases:

  • How to determine market interest rate for loan agreements (analysis of bond market)
  • How to determine market fee for trademark use (analysis of license agreements and commercial concession)
  • Profitability adjustment in case of significant fluctuations in exchange rates
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