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1C integration

Integration objectives

  1. Automation of tax reporting under RAS and IFRS
  2. Optimization of international companies’ IT costs
  3. Database optimization
  4. Compliance with Federal Law 152-FZ (storage of personal data of Russian citizens) and Federal Law 54-FZ (sending sales data to Fiscal Data Operator)
1C integration objectives
1C Integration process

Integration process

  1. NDA signing
  2. Analysis of customer’s business processes and accounting systems
  3. Selection of optimal combination of accounting systems and their integration
  4. Preparation and approval of integration plan 
  5. 1С module deployment and integration with group’s accounting systems
  6. Ongoing technical and methodological support

Integration options

  • Data exchange, built-in web client
  • XML documents, HTML documents, text documents
  • REST interface
  • HTTP services, web services, HTTP and FTP
  • Email
  • External components, external connection
  • Files, DBF files, text files
  • Client/server automation
  • ZIP archives
  • Active Document
  • Binary data
1C integration options

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