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Analytical reports (BI)

Accountor Business Intelligence is an online application that allows getting any key business indicators in convenient graphic form.

The application can be integrated with EPR systems and shows current information from ERP/HR systems.

It can also receive data from any source, combine them with ERP data and display required KPIs.

Examples of reports that can be prepared using this application:

  • Income for the year, month, week broken down by divisions, sales employees, etc.;
  • Cash flow. This report shows the invoices paid today, yesterday, this week, etc., as well as how much will be paid next week in accordance with contracts;
  • Payroll budget broken down by departments. Payroll budget forecast for the next month;
  • Accounts receivable report. This report shows how many invoices are overdue and those that will soon be overdue, grouped by client, manager, etc.
  • Any other reports based on data from ERP and other systems.

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