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Audit of infrastructure and ERP systems

As part of the analysis of IT infrastructure, we review accounting processes, equipment as well as current software functionality. We then give recommendations to improve the current situation. Analysis scope:

  • Analysis of technical infrastructure;
  • Analysis of business processes;
  • Analysis of ERP systems, analysis of interaction with service provider;
  • Analysis of accounting structure and corporate report;
  • Analysis whether or not electronic document management can be used:
  • Review of client’s counterparties (whether or not electronic document management is used, to which operators they are connected);
  • Assessment of the prospects of transition to electronic document  management;
  • Analysis of whether or not it would make sense to introduce automated management of incoming invoices and payments.

Results of infrastructure audit

After completion of the infrastructure audit, clients receive an action plan devised to optimize the audited IT structure, speed up work with their accounting department and cut costs.

A duly configured IT structure and built-in business processes allow saving up to 50% in employees’ time and cut costs up to 66%.

We are also pleased to implement the recommendations we make.

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